Reservation of Department Classrooms

Available classrooms:

  1. ALTANA - seating capacity 32, PC/desktop projection on four displays, WiFi
  2. SM2 - seating capacity 25, PC/desktop with video projection, WiFi
  3. SM4 - seating capacity 25, WiFi

The above spaces can be used for activities or events of cultural or scientific interest, doctoral lessons or competitions for research and teaching positions by:

  • FORLILPSI staff
  • Staff from other University of Florence departments upon approval by the office of FORLILPSI direction, on a case by case basis.

How to reserve:

Only cultural and scientific activities previously announced on the FORLILPSI website will be accepted. Only one booking request can be made at a time, with the exception of activities that require scheduling, such as PhD, Master, periodic meetings for tutor coordination, and conferences. Reservation requests should be sent to the following email: prenotazioni(AT)

Requests are to be made on behalf of a structured faculty member and must include, after verifying availability:

  1. date and beginning and ending time of the activity or event
  2. name of room requested
  3. description of the activity or event

Reservation is confirmed only upon receipt of email of reply.

Reservations will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

If for any reason a reserved room is no longer necessary, immediate cancellation is requested following the same email procedure.

With regard to the ground floor Aula Magna and  classrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor up in via Laura 48 consult the web page of the School of Humanities and Education as these rooms are under their direction.

Policies regarding department classroom use:

The key to the room must be collected and returned, in strict accordance with the time of reservation, from the ground floor reception desk in Via Laura 48.

All users are requested to respect the following rules:

  • No smoking is allowed.
  • No tampering with the room or technical equipment. Damage of any sort will be charged to the reserving party.
  • Catering is allowed exclusively in room SM4.
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