PhD in Comparative Languages, Literatures and Cultures

This PhD program aims to create a center for higher education and advanced research at the European level in the field of literary, linguistic, and intercultural studies. It is divided into four curricula, two of which are international. The two international curricula (Germanistics and European Founding Myths in Arts and Literature) are aimed at training qualified scientific-professional figures in the field of French and Germanistics, with specific skills also in Italian culture, whose professional outlets may be found in public and private academic and cultural institutions, top management, publishing, museums, conservatories, and communication sectors in Italy, France and Germany. The third curriculum (Language, literature and philology) aims instead to train qualified figures in several disciplinary fields who are able to use integrated methodologies. Individuals may find future employment in universities, international institutions and public relations systems and transnational communication networks. The curriculum of Linguistics and Oriental Studies provides training in linguistics, preparing scholars for careers primarily within universities or other research centers. The training is congruent with the need for language specialization in language education and L2 teaching. Individuals with this PhD will also have skills useful for consulting and highly responsible positions regarding communication in private companies, public administration and cultural heritage contexts, as well as professional tasks in various cultural industries (i.e. publishing, radio, television, new media) and services.



PhD in Education Sciences and Psychology

This PhD program in Education Sciences and Psychology is oriented toward the identification of paths of innovation and quality in higher education and is committed to the development of theoretical models and methodologies for research training, with particular reference to pedagogical and psychological skills.

In an intercultural and multidisciplinary key, the PhD program is divided into four curricula:

  1. Theory and History of Formative Processes (Coordinator: Gianfranco Bandini)
  2. Quality of knowledge and knowledge of differences (Coordinator: Vanna Boffo)
  3. Research methodologies for social-educational services (Coordinator: Alessandro Mariani)
  4. Psychological sciences of development and education, social issues, organization and work (professor of reference: Giuliana Pinto)

The program takes place within the facilities of the Department of Education, Languages, Intercultures, Literatures and Psychology (FORLILPSI) in via Laura 48, in Florence. In addition to department and university facilities (e.g. library, classrooms, etc.), doctoral students have at their disposal a dedicated study area, computer and research laboratories, as well as the department’s innovative laboratory for statistical research.



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