VIRALab: Valutazione Interventi, Rilevazione e Analisi dati



VIRALab (Valutazione Interventi, Rilevazione e Analisi dati) the Intervention Evaluation, Data Collection and Analysis laboratory of the Department of Education, Languages, Intercultures, Literatures and Psychology (FORLILPSI) was created to provide methodological support to teachers and PhD and undergraduate students with regard to research and data analysis.


The mission of the laboratory is to provide support to research activities of the department in phases of development and during studies as well as in the analysis and management of data, whether it’s qualitative or quantitative.

The objectives of the laboratory are:

  • To enable rapid updating with regard to the most innovative research methodologies presented in international literature and the most modern data analysis techniques.
  • To boost the quality of the department’s scientific production through the use of the most innovative research methodologies and data analysis.
  • To increase the competitiveness of the department in national, European and international arenas, making VIRALab an added value as a center of excellence in scientific research in psychology, education and linguistics.
  • To make possible the creation of a departmental data repository in compliance with the privacy law and new European GDPR 2016/679, providing support to faculty and researchers regarding the best ways to store data collected in their research.
  • To provide technological support relative to software used to conduct research and analyze data.
  • To foster the transfer of skills and knowledge about covered topics by organizing courses and workshops at various levels based on previous experiences in order to make the activities offered by the laboratory accessible to the greatest number of people possible.


  • Request methodological and analytical support

The request for methodological and analytical support of data can be made via email, setting up an appointment (online or in-person) with laboratory personnel by writing to viralab(AT)


  • Full professors, associate professors, researchers, PhD students, postdocs, fellows, and contractors can make a direct request to the laboratory for methodological support and analysis.

  • Requests by master’s students must be formalized by the student’s advisor.

  • Access to the laboratory’s tools:

Software currently available on VIRALab’s devices: Atlas.ti, Nvivo, Meta-analysis, T-Lab, and SPSS.

Access for loans of the instrumentation requires prior authorization. Loans will have a maximum duration of one week and can be requested up to one month in advance; minimum advance notice, one working day. Loan requests must be formalized by filling out the appropriate form (link below) and sending it to viralab(AT) Methodological support and data analysis can also be requested from laboratory staff at the same time. Applicants will receive notification of the outcome of their request via email. In order to avoid requesting unavailable instruments, verify availability by consulting the page


Loan/instrumentation use request form: pdf  (Italian only)


Download Modulo richiesta prestito/utilizzo strumentazione:  

  • Full professors, associate professors, researchers, and contract instructors for master’s courses can make their requests directly.
  • PhD students, postdocs, fellows, contractors, and master’s students may access the instrumentation loan service by formalizing their request through a representative from the category above.


  • If data must be shared with VIRALab, it can only occur following anonymization of said data and can be shared via the laboratory’s Google Drive or by sending an email attachment to viralab(AT)




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