The prospect of internationalization characterizes all of the department's training and research activities, from three-year degree and master's programs, to specialization and advanced training programs, to national and international doctorates. The theme of internationalization, both in terms of research and collaborative relationships with foreign universities, has been particularly cultivated by pre-existing organizations within the Department of Education, Languages, Intercultures, Literatures and Psychology which have harnessed past experiences to relaunch the department’s commitment in this area of particular interest for the University of Florence as a whole.

Agreements with universities in other parts of the world: Current cultural and scientific collaboration agreements can be consulted on the interactive platform created by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), and the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) in collaboration with the CINECA consortium and are constantly updated by the International Relations Office.



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