International laboratory of Narrative methodologies and Migrant memories

The laboratory aims to promote studies, surveys and reflections on migration in an intercultural, educational and comparative perspective. Scholars, teachers and professionals involved at various levels in the educational field will collaborate.

The centrality of the journey in the life stories of young people, women and men, are a starting point to deepen the reasons for change in contemporary society compared to the past.

The current acceleration of migratory phenomena has also placed the urgency to direct research towards the development of an inclusive educational model through the European secondary school teacher training in multicultural contexts and also making use of new information and communication technologies. In this perspective, the laboratory has activated the research "Intercultural education for the participation of all in social life".

Among the activities carried out by the laboratory in recent years we highlight the participation in European projects: “QuaMMELOT” for the e-learning training of European secondary school teachers in multicultural contexts (2017-2020), among the partners the University of Seville,; “CommUnity - Build communities, Create peace” aimed at promoting multicultural dialogue through art to prevent radicalization in youth (2019-2021); “DIVE IN” focused on blended learning teacher and educator training for the prevention of antisocial behavior and radicalization in youth (2019-2021)


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