International Psychology Laboratory for Research on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Integration (La.Psi.R.I3)

Aims and research areas: La.Psi.R.I3 is a center that carries out research-intervention plans with the aim of defining methods and tools for measurement, analysis and development in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and integration at the individual, group and organizational levels following a psychosocial framework.

La.Psi.R.I3 promotes research-intervention designs in the social, work and organizational fields together with training activities on the specific issues characterizing the Laboratory.

Entrepreneurship: This research-intervention field concerns the analysis of factors (personal, social and economic) contributing to the emergence of entrepreneurial aspirations, intentions and actions from a process perspective. Some areas of interest are the measurement of entrepreneurial potential, the balance of entrepreneurial skills; entrepreneurship education; entrepreneurship orientation; entrepreneurship training; support for business choice and development.

Innovation: The main interests in this research-intervention area are the measurement of the potential and performance of integrated organizational and technological innovation; innovation management (management and development of processes and skills for innovation); measurement and development of learning and innovation behaviors; development of innovation skills; models of motivation and involvement in work processes; measurement of creativity and innovation processes; analysis of the innovation climate in work contexts; assessment of managerial and leadership potential; analysis and development of managerial and leadership models for organizational and technological innovations.

Integration: The process of integration in workplace contexts represents a strategic dimension in relation to the complexity, the plurality of the subjects involved together with their cultures and social and organizational values. The main areas of interest are methodologies and tools for the development of social network processes in different contexts; measurement of relational processes; methods and tools for the development of organizational reciprocity processes; analysis and development of skills (managerial and technical) for the management and development of integration at the group and organizational level; analysis of cognitive resistance to integration and the processes of change and innovation.

Head of Research:

Carlo Odoardi

Research team:

  • Prof. Adalgisa Battistelli (University of Bordeaux)
  • Prof. Sabine Pohl (University Libre de Bruxelles)
  • Prof. Mirko Antino (University Complutense Madrid)
  • Prof. J. Sebastian Boudrias (University of Montreal)
  • Prof. Prof. Christian Vandenberghe (University of Montreal)
  • Prof. Juan Pablo Calderon (Universidad EAFIT – Medellin)
  • Dr. Nicola Cangialosi (PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology – University of Florence)
  • Dr. Rosario D’Auria (Italian Air Force)
  • Dr. Gennaro Di Napoli (Italian Air Force)
  • Luigi Bettini (Work and Organization Psychologist)
  • Dr. Marco Peña-Jimenez (PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology – University of Bordeaux)

Address: The Laboratory carries out its activities at the FORLILPSI Department located in Via di San Salvi 12, San Salvi Complex, Pavilion 26, Florence.


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