What to do in case of injury?

New process for reporting and handling personnel injuries:
  • Activation of a “function” e-mail (segnalazione.infortuni(AT), to which all reports must be addressed, including the appropriate form completed by the person involved or his or her representative; 
  • Inclusion of accident reports from individual workers in an internal accident registration application developed by SIAF for the U.P. Prevention and Protection Service (, so as to create a common data base accessible to those involved in the process; 
  • Updating of the "prognosis" field of the application by the People and Organization Area when certificates of prolonged illness are received, so that the PPS can become aware, for the fulfillment of its responsibilities, of exceedances of 40 days;
  • Further development by SIAF of the application mentioned in the previous point so as to provide for the direct entry of communications and extension certificates by workers, as well as a warning ("alert") function of the exceeding of 40 days;
  • Subdivision of the management of injuries no longer according to a "geographical" logic of location but according to the role of those involved:
a. teaching and research staff (Full Professors, Associate Professors, University Researchers and Researchers on fixed-term contracts);
b. contracted personnel (Technical-administrative staff and Collaborators and linguistic experts);
c. unstructured staff and students;
With the consequent identification of those in charge as accident contacts:
a. for teaching and research staff: Daniela Barbieri and Sara Maria Teresa Sasso (pertaining to the UP Administration of Teaching and Research Staff);
b. for contracted staff: Marco Donati and Maria Lisa Masseti (afferent to the UP PTA Administration andCEL);
c. for unstructured staff and students: Orlando Baroncelli (afferent to UP General Services) and Monica Matteini (afferent to UP General Affairs).

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