In compliance with provisions of the statute, the department is governed by university departmental regulations, internal regulations and principles of efficacy, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, transparency and participation.

The department is made up of the Director, the Board and the Council

commission for guidance and self-evaluation of the department is tasked with assisting the bodies of the department with policies for the use of resources and direction of scientific activities, research, transfer, and innovation.

The Board can make use of the preliminary or consultative work of two permanent commissions and designated temporary commissions.

The Department of Education, Languages, Intercultures, Literatures and Psychology (FORLILPSI) is divided into six sections (PedagogyEducational and Formative StudiesPsychologyModern and Comparative LiteratureCross-cultural Studies and Linguistic and Oriental Studies) for specific disciplinary, research and organizational needs.

An Administrative Manager provides support to the departmental bodies with regard to the implementation of the decisions taken by them, as well as management and technical tasks.

The Department Directors represent the university’s College of Department Directors, playing an advisory and proposal role to the Academic Senate and Board of Directors with regard to general problems of research and teaching.

Department of Education, Languages, Cross-cultural Studies, Literatures and Psychology regulations (Italian version)




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